Ombuds Office for Faculty and Staff

The University Ombuds Office facilitates understanding, communication, and resolution of conflict for all university employees.  The office serves as an impartial and confidential means of promoting dialogue among parties on campus. The office was established as part of the university’s commitment to foster a courteous and considerate climate conducive to productivity and well-being for all university employees.

An Ombuds will listen to your concerns, clarify procedures, discuss options, and, if requested and appropriate, serve as an intermediary in attempting to resolve disputes. Ombuds work independently from University administrative offices; discussing a matter with an Ombuds is confidential. The Ombuds Office is not authorized to accept notice of claims against the University.

Five emeritus faculty and staff work part time and share the duties of the office. First contact should be made by calling the Ombuds Office (608-265-9992) and leaving a message, since the office is unstaffed. Ombuds share the responsibility of checking the phone and generally will reply to phone calls within a day. You may call or email any of them directly, but be aware that all are retired and are sometimes out of town.

The Ombuds currently serving UW faculty and staff are: Dale Burke, JoAnn Carr, John Dowling, Rosa Garner, and Charles Snowdon. Please contact Ombuds for Faculty and Staff at (608) 265-9992. 



223-225 Lowell Center
610 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53703
Phone (608) 265-9992

Current Ombuds

Dale Burke
JoAnn Carr
John Dowling
Rosa Garner
Charles Snowdon