Bruno Browning

Position title: UW-Madison Ombud

Bruno Browning retired in 2019, thirty years after beginning a job in microcomputer support at L&S Learning Support Services (LSS). During those thirty years he did a variety of work, almost all of it related to information technology, and that primarily in the realm of instructional technology. In 2007 he became the Director of LSS and a few years later became L&S’s first Chief Information Officer, a position he held until his retirement.


Throughout his career Bruno was active in L&S, at the campus level, and in the CIC in numerous projects, committees, and other activities having to do with information technology. He also worked regularly on non-IT related things such as search-and-screen committees, planning committees, a decanal review committee, and the like.


Bruno was also quite active in academic staff governance. He was a long-time member of the Academic Staff Assembly, worked on many academic staff initiatives, served on various committees, and was twice elected to the Academic Staff Executive Committee.


In retirement Bruno has devoted himself to dealing with his thirty-odd-year backlog of household projects, technology tinkering, traveling, and afternoon naps. He reports that he is making good progress but still has a long way to go before getting caught up.